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January-March 2021| Vol 33| Issue 1

Original Article

The impact of age and education level in the linguistic validation of the Acute Cystitis Symptom Score (ACSS) questionnaire

Introduction/Purpose: The Acute Cystitis Symptom Score (ACSS) was developed as a simple and self-reporting questionnaire for diagnosing and monitoring acute uncomplicated cystitis in female p...

Original Article

Robotic partial nephrectomy for multiple renal masses: A case series

Background: Partial nephrectomy is strongly recommended by the EAU guidelines as the primary treatment option for T1 Renal Cell Carcinoma. Robotic assisted partial nephrectomy has been gainin...

Review Article

Minimal invasive treatment of locally advanced renal cancer

Despite the progress in diagnosis and treatment, renal cancer still represents one of the deadliest malignancies of the urogenital tract. Surgically wise, one could certainly make the case that loca...

Review Article

Is Trichomonas vaginalis a risk factor for prostate cancer? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical studies have shown that patients exposed to the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) may present an increased risk to develop prostate cancer (PCa). However, since data from other st...

Case Report

Leiomyoma of the bladder neck

Benign bladder tumors represent a rare entity of bladder neoplasms and include tumors such as leiomyomas. Female preponderance is characteristic, and patients usually present with bladder outlet obs...

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